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Solution Sessions

OpEx365 Solutions will be structured similarly to traditional conference sessions - each addressing a timely and pressing problem with sector experts discussing strategic solutions. Solutions are weekly 90 minute virtual events with the last 30 minutes built in for networking. 

Solution Sessions Structure  


When registering for an OpEx365 annual registration, you’ll have access to weekly Solutions throughout three trimesters. We know you have a busy schedule - can’t attend every Solution?  Post-event, a resource library will be available to access the Solution recording and resources related to the explored topic.

One thing we know is that we don’t know what to expect in the days and months ahead. Which is why we will provide programming for you that is responsive and adaptive to our current environment. For this reason, our themes below are subject to change. We are currently accepting Solution proposals – if you have an idea, submit a proposal today.  We are reviewing proposals on a rolling basis.  


10:00 - 11:30 AM EDT


September 15

Manju Badlani and Stephanie Shaw

Building a Culture of Respect, Equity,
and Inclusion at your NGO


We all seek a professional environment where we feel honored and respected for who we are. But exactly how does an organization cultivate and operationalize this culture when many barriers exist? In this session, learn how Jhpiego created a global staff task force charged with developing a concrete plan for building a culture of respect, equity, and inclusion. Participants will leave the Solution Session with a framework for operationalizing civility, inclusiveness, and equity into organizational culture.

September 23

Melissa Musser and Alex McNeill

Enterprise Resilience Strategies for Nonprofits: Is Your Nonprofit Risk-Ready?


“Enterprise resilience.” We may have heard the term, but what does it really mean? For nonprofits, the risks of the pandemic spans the entire organization, including Finance, HR, Legal, Insurance, Cyber, and Privacy considerations. Our expert team will answer some commonly asked questions as we work to navigate the risks together. Participants will leave the Solution Session with tools to assess COVID-19 entity-wide risks to their organization and how to develop a practical response.

September 30 

Scott Ruddick

Back to a COVID New Normal: Transitioning Field Operations from Lockdown to Phased Resumption


Like most INGOS, when the COVID pandemic broke out in March, MEDA shut down operations and field offices. In response to the negative impact on programing, MEDA crafted an approach that advocated field level ownership of the risk assessment process as well as crafting a phased resumption plan. This session will explore the three components that MEDA crafted: 1. field office managed risk assessments; 2. field office designed resumption plans and 3: phased re-opening. Participants will leave the Solution Session with an understanding of how to develop a field management-led Resumption Risk Assess and how to partner with field teams to craft Resumption Plans.

October 7

Garima Gupta and Heidi Araya

How to Pivot Under Pressure

How can we empower and equip human resource staff with the skills and ability to pivot in a crisis? This session will share solutions such as practical tools to increase agility and nimbleness, skills to build the human resources team. Taking lessons from current crisis to build resilience for future crisis.
Participants will leave the Solution Session with practical tools to increase agility and nimbleness in response to a crisis, as well as operational guidance to build human resources teams of the future.

October 14

Laura Wigglesworth, Brooke Hirschfelder, and Angela Muchiru

Future of Recruiting in Global Health and Development

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of 3 workforce trends: automation, localization, and globalization. A doctor in Mumbai delivers telemedicine to mother in Michigan.  Zipline drops medical supplies once delivered by drivers via drone. NGOs that hired expats in Addis Ababa now hire Ethiopians instead. Participants will leave the Solution Session with knowledge about how workforce trends are playing out in global health and development, and concrete guidance to help you tap into these trends to hire the best people for your organization.

October 21

Yvonna Stevens, Eddie Naming'ona, Jorge Barragan,
Maria Muchaypina, and Matthew Breman

How to Build Trust and Transparency Between Finance and Programs in Challenging Times

Why trust and transparency? Both are essential to an organization’s success in implementing quality programs, maintaining financial health, and public trust. Yet challenging times underscore the importance of building and investing in trust and transparency internally, and the essential partnership between finance and programs to carry the baton together as one relay team in program delivery, financial management, and business development. Participants will leave this session with increased understanding about the importance of building trust with program staff and innovative tools and techniques to help seize the opportunity for change.

October 28

Marissa Germain

Compassion Fatigue: What Is It and What To Do About It?

Development professionals are prone to experience emotional costs as we tackle immense global and social issues. What exactly is our cost of caring? What is compassion fatigue vs. burnout? When to discern that it's time to seek additional support? Participants will leave the Solution Session with the ability to define personal red flags for work/life imbalance, a vocabulary to better discuss possible mental wellness challenges, and a better awareness of what tools are available.



30 minute presentation


30 minute Q&A


30 minute networking with other participants (optional)



Using Tech in Low Resource Settings


Mental Health During COVID & Racial Injustice


Managing Overseas Payments During a Pandemic


How Pathfinder Intl Solved Their Time and Leave Management Challenges Worldwide


Ways COVID is Reshaping Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Fraud Risk for Nonprofits

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