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OpEx365 Retreats bring the global development community together to solve our joint challenges and build resilient nonprofits for the future.

Join us for Retreat 1 on November 17-18: 

Making Room for Innovation: Reassembling our World of Work 

"See the CHAOS of NOW as seedbed for the FUTURE"

- Joanna Macy

Retreats Structure  


Over the course of two days, the facilitated retreats will include a mix of sector expert-led talks, self-led individual activity, curated group work, and group discussions. 

Join us for the first of these retreats November 17/18 where we will explore together how we can define the nonprofits of the future.

Retreats overall theme


This retreat series will offer the opportunity to take time away from our regular work and give ourselves and each other the space to nurture innovation and adaptation to face the uncertain future.


We will:

  • Reflect on the journey of the past 6 months and take stock of which ways of working we want to preserve and what we want to leave behind

  • View our current challenges through the lens of complexity (not all challenges are created equal)

  • Explore how the challenges we are facing are part of large and embedded systems

  • Give and get imaginative help from our colleagues

  • Experience a whole new way to interact together, online


You'll leave each retreat with:

  • Concrete ways you can begin to innovate, right now

  • Clearer articulations of the most persistent challenges

  • Deeper networking connections with Humentum

November 17 - 18

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
4:00 – 7:00 PM EAT

2:00 – 5:00 PM GMT

6:00 – 9:00 AM PDT

What to expect at Retreat 1, Making Room for Innovation: Reassembling our World of Work


At the first of these retreats, you can expect: 


  • A "celebrity" interview with Chris Pirie, learning and development master and Founder/CEO of The Learning Futures Group, on a framework for NGOs of the future

  • Breakout groups to discuss: What are the simple challenges? What have been the more complicated, complex, and chaotic challenges?

  • Interviews with one or two participants on unique challenges to assess and problem solve together

Download the full retreat agenda here.

CEO Series Retreats


All three trimesters offer a CEO Series Retreat as an option specifically for CEOs.

All retreats will be led by professional facilitator, Maggie Chumbley. Maggie has gained a reputation for being a master at engaging and meaningful virtual sessions.  


Maggie Chumbley

1120 20th St, NW

Suite 520 S

Washington, DC 20036

Tel: (202) 509-0465

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