What happened to OpEx DC (formerly the Annual Conference)?

OpEx365: A Year of Transformation is our annual conference re-imagined. Honoring the need to be safe while still delivering our high level of programming, we designed a unique and innovative virtual learning journey. We thought long and hard about what elements made OpEx DC work, and then applied them to today’s operating environment, where change is happening constantly and people like you need ideas for how to react and adjust, rather than a set of prescriptive answers . You will see all the familiar pieces of an in-person conference such as networking and sessions, just spread out over a longer period of time (studies say this is actually better for adult learners!) We also promise to take you on a deep dive into macro, systematic issues in periodic retreats.

While we will miss seeing many friends in person this year, we are excited that this new virtual model will allow more people to join us than ever before, without having to worry about travel time or costs. And we look forward to spending more learning time together (72 hours over 9 months vs 20 hours over 2.5 days!)

So, wait...where is my track?

Because OpEx365 will have one Solution Session scheduled each week, there will be no tracks. The challenges facing practitioners and leaders today don't fit into a neat track, they cross all functions and teams. Organizations are finding themselves having to answer questions about how, when, and where staff travel and work, how teams learn to thrive remotely, and how to identify and prevent fraud in todays times. We are better able to define these challenges and identify solutions when we gather different perspectives in the room. The topics for each trimesters Solution Sessions will be balanced so that there is something for everyone.

As OpEx365 is designed to help individuals and organizations navigate these times together, we encourage groups to attend where possible. For those considering groups, we recommend sending representatives from different teams, departments, and geographies when possible. We have seen extra learning happen in the past when these mixed teams go through the experience together – for example setting up a Teams or Slack group where they can digest the weekly learning together and periodic meetings where they can discuss ways they are putting the ideas into practice, including challenges they are running into. The result is often deeper learning and greater organizational impact.

Is there a general outline of the virtual learning journey so we can know what to expect?

An OpEx365 attendee can expect weekly Solution Sessions (12 total) focusing on a topical challenge and solution and one two-day long retreat (6 hours total) each trimester.

We are committed to programming our Solution Sessions 4-6 weeks in advance, so that we can put together learning that is relevant and practical. The reality is that given the pace of change these days programming scheduled months in advance would quickly become outdated. We are in the unique position to be able to listen to our members on a daily and weekly basis which enables us to identify topics as they become a priority to organizations. In-person conferences like OpEx DC were static events. OpEx365, as a re-imagined conference of our time, will be a journey whose primary aim will be to provide responsive learning to you.

There are two retreat topics to choose from in the first trimester – The Virtual NGO and Putting Localization Into Practice. These will be facilitated deep dives that will strive to a) give people a sense of the big picture, mapping out the landscape of the issue, and b) meet attendees where they are at, helping them to see how they fit into that big picture and what they can do to learn, grow, and help their team and organization leap forward. Because of this model there will be room for everyone, regardless of functional area or level within their organization. Because we all have a part to play in making virtual NGOs work or shifting towards a localization model.

Retreats will occur in November, March, and June.

What are the exact dates and times of the events?

Solution Sessions are held every Wednesday from 10-11:30am EDT (there will be 60 min of content followed by 30 min of open discussion for community building) September 16th - December 9th, January 12th-March 30th, and April 12th- June 29th.

Retreat is November 17th and 18th from 9am-12pm each day.

What time zone does OpEx365 take place in?

We hope a wide geographic variety of guests can attend OpEx365. Our Solution Sessions are on Wednesdays from 10-11:30am EDT and our retreats last from 9am-12pm EDT. When you register, you will have access to the session recordings as well if the timing is not convenient or you miss a session.

Registration and Pricing

Do you allow substitutions?

If you are no longer able to attend, we are happy to allow a substitution of your registration to a colleague. With individual registrations we will accept one substitution over the course of the entire event and with group registrations we will accept four substitutions over the course of the entire event. Please contact conference@humentum.org with any specific question.

Your group rates are for groups of 10, 25, or 50. I want to send 14 staff. What do I do?

Group rate for 10, 25, 50 with any additional staff charged at the regular applicable rate. To reduce the administrative burden on both sides in this example all 14 staff (plus the additional 5 free local partner staff if the org is taking advantage of that offer) would be included on the form submitted to our registration team, who would provide one invoice.

Do non-members need to meet certain criteria in order to attend OpEx365?

In order to ensure the type of safe space offered for all member-only events, non-members must meet our eligibility criteria and will be subject to approval. An example of an eligible non-member is an active or former practitioner in the humanitarian sector.

What does the registration mean to have 10 or 15 local partners included in an organization’s registration?

We want to include your local partners in this virtual learning journey; depending on the level of registration, you can invite a certain number of local partner staff to attend complimentary.

Accessing The Event

What technology will you be using?

Everything will be housed in one space on a platform called Instilled. We will be using Zoom when we come together for Solution Sessions and Retreats. We will provide you instructions on how to navigate the site after we receive your registration.

How will each member of my group access the event?

Once each person is registered, they will receive a welcome email containing calendar invites and information about how to access the virtual event.

What if I miss a Solutions Session?

All sessions will be recorded and posted in the OpEx365 platform within 24 hours of the session ending.

Will I receive a certificate of attendance?


Who do I contact if I cannot log on?

Please email conference@humentum.org

Who do I contact if I cannot find my login information?

Please email conference@humentum.org

How do I join a Solution Series or Retreat?

You can join an online session by clicking on the Zoom link in the OpEx365 platform and also through the email reminders that we will send out before each session. We recommend adding them to your calendar so they become a regular part of your week!

Who do I contact for tech support during a Solution Session?

Please email conference@humentum.org.

Where can I locate the conference schedule?

You can find the schedule on our website at https://www.opex365.humentum.org

When will I receive login instructions?

Login instructions will be sent 1 week prior to the first session starting.