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Introducing OpEx365, our annual conference re-imagined

  • OpEx365
    Solution Sessions

    OpEx365 Solutions are weekly 90-minute virtual events  where sector experts will address a pressing problem and help attendees begin to think about what a solution might look like within their particular context. Members will be able to access resource libraries related to the topics explored. Think of these like a 90-minute conference sessions, spread throughout the year!


  • OpEx365

    OpEx365 Retreats will bring together members of the global development community to acknowledge the successes of our sector in the face of major upheaval. Together, we will address the systemic issues still facing our work internally and externally; build community for large, strategic change; and learn solutions that draw on the operational excellence and best practices.

OpEx365 is a year-long series of virtual learning and networking for the global development community to re-imagine their work in a world with COVID-19, together.

At no other time has the need to come together to identify challenges and work on solutions been more necessary. Finding ways to adapt and emerge stronger will mean bringing everyone together to re-connect, re-inspire, and reimagine what it will mean to sustainably operate in a pandemic world.

We are here to help. OpEx365 is year-long learning journey that spans the next year, offering both solutions-focused webinars and three virtual retreats from September 2020 to June 2021.

Why should I register
for OpEx365?

Humentum has the pulse of the sector. We listen to the real-time challenges and concerns of leaders and practitioners through regularly scheduled roundtables, Connect conversations (over 7,000 contributors), advisory councils, spot polls, and advocacy campaigns. This allows us to develop programming that is timely and relevant to you.


Facilitate the growth of your Professional Learning Network

Expose you to new ideas and engage you in finding solutions related to topics that impact you today

Give you the tools to continually build an action plan to transform your work

Guide you as you step back and find the space to pause and reflect on how your team and organization need to change in the face of our new reality

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